Based in New York, The Frank Enea band has been recording and performing it's it's original brand of Rock n' Roll Pop for over ten years. The band consists of Frank Enea , Vocals & guitar, Martin Stroh on drums, Brian Newsholme on keyboards and Alex V on Bass. The Frank Enea Band has released "Makeshift Days", "Morning Show" and "Walk On Water" and new music "Forever Mine" due Summer 2016.
They have performed along side many major acts (Soul Asylum, Jakob Dylan, Beach Boys, Smash Mouth, GEĀ  Smith, Bacon Bros)
and received many accolades and reviews.
In addition to the band, Frank Enea has recently charted
world wide with the hit song by BER "The Night Begins To Shine" from the WB animation "Teen Titan Go!

Frank Enea Band's EPK